Thursday, November 21, 2019

Manage Your Health Inc - Work Breakdown Structure Case Study

Manage Your Health Inc - Work Breakdown Structure - Case Study Example This is a project that aims at applying various concepts that one has learned in the course of study. I have considered various, several methods when selecting this project to ensure that it is sufficient and reliable. One criterion that has enabled led to a selection of this project is the financial analysis of various projects. One must consider the one that is most beneficial and valuable. Project scope management has also been tremendously useful in its development. The weighted scoring model presents the weighted scores that each project earns when implemented using various different criteria. There are several criteria Manage Your Health can use in implementation and running of the projects. The company has emerged with the desired results by adopting the average weighted score that each project makes by taking the average score. This will ensure that the company adopts a reasonable project that will derive high benefits for the company. Analysis of this project clearly indicates that the company can reduce its operating costs, increase its cross-selling of product, and advance new web-based technologies. The project is, therefore, viable to implement since it will ensure that the organization derives reasonable benefits from it. The company can achieve this with the introduction of this project that will ensure that it will improve its interaction with customers and employees and thus achieve exemplary results. The project demands cooperation from workers and administration for it to be successful. Health Coverage Costs Business Model project emerges as the best project that the management should consider implementing. This is because it registers the highest weighted project score of 76.1. The project, therefore, emerges as the best the company should consider implementing to ensure that the organization meets the given targets. Despite the efforts of the company in changing insurance carriers several times, health care premiums continue to increase.     

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